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DNLA – Discovering & Developing Natural Latent Abilities is the instrument of choice and development, for all functions, challenges and demands of modern HR management.
The success of your enterprise is mainly determined by one factor: The human factor – your employees. Their ideas, engagement and motivation, the – sometimes latent – potential of your employees is the key to success for your organisation today, and it constitutes an enormous potential for future economic growth. If you invest effectively in the development of your employees and their qualifications and motivations, this will pay off in multiple ways.
Helping individuals and organisations alike to (re-)discover, to assess and to access their full potential; and helping you to bring the right people, in the right mindset and with all their motivation, ideas and qualification in the right place, that´s what we achieve.

Origins and history of DNLA
Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. Brengelmann and Dr. Wolfgang Strasser have done fundamental research in this area at the Max-Planck-Institute in Munich, and developed a scientific model containing all key factors of social competence which have a significant effect on professional success. After the basic research and test series at Max Planck Institute, these findings were converted into a measurement tool – the “birth” of DNLA in its original form.
Psychologists, HR-experts and IT-experts have added their knowledge and experience to the system, helping to create the DNLA Human Resources Expert Systems.

Fields of application:

  • Human Resources Company Analysis
  • Team Analysis and Development
  • Leadership Potential Review
  • Employee Potential Detection
  • Staff Selection internal and external

Learn more about the DNLA approach in general and about what we can do to develop the potential of individuals, teams and entire organizations to the full here.

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Human Resources Management

Elena Gronarz, BA, MBA
Diplom-Betriebswirtin (VWA)
Personalberaterin (IHK)